Internet site of Dr. Ingrid Schütt-Abraham and Roland Heynkes

Our Internet site tries to provide comprehensible information about two topics.

One topic is Theoretical TSE Research about transmissible spongiform encephalopthies like BSE, scrapie and Creutzfeldt-Jakob diesease focused on risks of TSE transmissions. Dr. Ingrid Schütt-Abraham and Roland Heynkes worked independently in this field since 1990 and in close interdisciplinary cooperation since 2001. Unfortunately, this cooperation ended in 2007 with the much too early death of our friend Ingrid. Since her domain has been removed from the Internet, we integrated her documents into our site.

The other topic is the attempt to edit school knowledge that Roland Heynkes had to deal with as a teacher. This part of the site is written solely in German and therefore only of interest to German speaking visitors of my site.